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American Environmental Aviation knows how to save you money! One of the simplest ways to do this is by installing a 20 gallon Sump Fuel Recovery Unit.

Fact: Daily sumping of fuel generates 2-3 gallons of unusable fuel. Most of this fuel can be recovered if placed into a 'Sump Fuel Recovery Unit'.

Its simple physics: Water is heavier than fuel. Sumped fuel placed into a sump recovery unit will separate the water from the good fuel. After several hours, the water falls to the bottom of the unit, which in turn can be drained through a small ball valve at the base and discarded. The clean fuel can then be pulled back into your system (providing there is a fitting on the suction side) and filtered during your re-circulation routine. Gallons of "waste" fuel will turn into ounces instead!

Is your system not set up for this? We can add a hand sump pump and stand that will allow you to manually pump the clean fuel back into your tank.

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How much money is your Fuel Farm simply "throwing" away because you don't separate the water from your sump fuel? Do you have drums of sump fuel sitting around that you later pay someone to remove from your site?


Too Much, and a very reluctant "Yes"!

Sump Fuel Recovery Unit, Winter Haven, FL

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